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We produce CBD gummies, hemp flower, tinctures, muscle and joint creams, oils and live resin. At Pungent Greens, we believe that everyone deserves to live a life free of stress and discomfort. We are a small company, but our online services allow us to deliver Delta-8 cannabis and Cannabidiol products in Oregon, all over the United States, and to countries all over the world. The use of CBD has skyrocketed in recent years with people seeking natural alternatives for relief from stress or achy muscles, or just wanting to improve their overall wellness and mental clarity.

superior environment for hemp growing

Pungent Greens is a therapeutic hemp research and production company based in Oregon. Since 2014, we have been growing all of our hemp on our privately owned and operated farm in cooperation with local farmers to produce the purest and most pungent CBD and Delta-8 cannabis in Oregon and throughout the U.S. As a small business, ethics is our top priority and we always make sure to provide sustainably sourced products that are both dependable and affordable.
We are lucky that Oregon has been able to provide our small farm with lots of moisture and fertile soil, creating a superior environment for hemp growing. We're so confident in the quality of our CBD grown in Oregon, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee with free returns if you're not 100% satisfied. We truly care about our customers and are committed to helping you live your happiest and healthiest life. Check out our catalog to find the perfect CBD product for delivery to your Oregon home!
We also deliver CBD products to Texas, California, and across the U.S.

health and well-being

Our customers’ health and well-being is our top priority, which is why we keep our products affordably priced, and pungent. We pride ourselves in being one of the strongest and reasonably priced CBD companies, while still not sacrificing quality.

We also offer vegan Cannabidiol products as part of our mission of providing a product for everyone while keeping a sustainable future in mind. Our customers’ health and well-being is placed above all else, and we pride ourselves in being one of the strongest and most reasonably priced CBD companies out there, without sacrificing quality.


benefits of cbd for health




Stimulate new bone growth and strengthening
Bones affected by osteoporosis


Anti-ischemic (prevents plaque biuldup in arteries)


Vasorelaxant for glaucoma


Appetite control



Our products

Full spectrum cbd, broad spectrum cbd, & cbg products. third party tested, ethically sourced, & #vegan options. Best flavors for the best price.


I have been using the tincture for my mild insomnia problem. Helps me fall asleep. Also used it for minor cuts ( pain goes away immediately ) and skin blemishes. I've even used it for an emergency toothache. Still finding other uses.
Excellent tincture
I have an old neck injury (about 30 years ago) The pain gets really bad at times. I have used tiger balm, icy hot, ibutabs and so much more with little success. This is it. This cbd infused cream did the trick. Buy it, use it. Regards Richie F..
Richie F
Works great. Priced right
Nine months of serious Antibiotics after a severe car accident and osteomyelitis left me feeling mentally and physically dead and full of ulcers in my stomach. I was gifted a bottle of these gummies to help me sleep. Before the Dr found the ulcers I could not hold down food, and barely any liquids. The pain in my stomach was almost unbearable, I took 4 gummies to go to sleep but instead I noticed a significant decrees in pain. After the diagnosis I decided to use these gummies instead of all the prescription steroids... These amazing gummies healed my ulcers and helped controlled my pain. Other brands do not work like these from Pundgent Greens! I Don't know why yours are superior, but they are! Thank you! Ps, I'm Proud to say I'm off all pain meds, antidepressants and muscle relaxers now. The gummies are all I need.
Rachel Joy
Best CBD on the Market
I was blessed with a jar of this hhc live resin to test out and I'm in love. Its not as strong as thco but it does get me high and relaxed. I wish i could buy the jar instead though
Bomb af!

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full spectrum cbd, broad spectrum cbd, & cbg products. third party tested, ethically sourced, & #vegan options. best flavors for the best price. <br>
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