Grow Organic

A careful selection of the best seeds to ensure product quality .

Seed Planting

Best planting practices, complying with all planting requirements in the agricultural industry.

crop care

We make sure to take care of the hemp to guarantee a quality product.

harvest plan

From seed selection to harvest, the quality standard is the same.

seed planting

Before sowing the hemp seeds in the ground, the soil is prepared and checked for herbicides. Hemp is quite a wonderful plant because each crop can be planted very close together, up to four inches! This allows for higher yields with less land use.

Hemp is an excellent resource for regenerative agriculture because it can be used in crop rotation to help return nutrients to the soil. Hemp produces large amounts of biomass (matter that returns to the soil and decomposes, returning nutrients to the soil).

Product Of Local Farmers

Harvesting The Hemp Plant

It all starts with the flowers of the hemp plant. The cannabinoids are mostly concentrated in the resin glands of the plant's trichome.

The plants are usually harvested around October, depending on the state's climate. Before they can be officially harvested, a sample of each crop is tested and cleared by the state department of agriculture. This is to ensure that the farm is following federal regulations, keeping their hemp at <0.3% THC.

CBD Extraction

Extraction is the process of extracting the CBD extract from the hemp plant into a usable form for ingestion or topical application.

Pungent greens uses one of the best extraction methods that ensures proper extraction of cbd from the hemp plant.

Certificate Of Analysis

Testing & Packaging

Pungent Greens undergoes third-party testing with each of its CBD batches. A sample of each batch is sent to a lab, where it is tested for purity and potency.

Third-party testing is the difference between good quality CBD products and products that could be anything labeled as CBD. This additional process in production makes all the difference when it comes to making a quality product.