California CBD Edibles, Flower, Gummies & Tinctures

Pungent Greens is California's source of high quality CBD cannabis, edible gummies, tinctures, live resin, muscle and joint cream. And best of all, we deliver CBD in California!

In 1996, California made history when it became the first state to legalize medical cannabis. Since then, the state has continued to be a progressive advocate for the plant and all the great things it has to offer. It’s no secret that the people of California love their hemp, and Pungent Greens is proud to serve California for all of their CBD cannabis and edibles delivery needs. We’ve been growing hemp on our privately run farm for over seven years, so we have the knowledge and experience of producing high-quality products that are clean, inexpensive, and pungent.

Buying CBD Delta-8 cannabis and edibles is easier than ever through our online services. We have a wide variety of products to choose from, whether you want to snack on our delicious gummies throughout the day or you prefer smoking some flower after a long shift at work. We care about all of our customers, and also offer options that accommodate dietary restrictions and are cruelty-free. Each CBD product delivered in California by Pungent Greens is guaranteed to give you the relief you’ve been searching for. Our goal is to provide people with natural solutions to their problems, whether it be for relief of body aches, reduction of stress, promotion of restorative sleep, or balancing of the body and mind. No matter the reason, Pungent Greens is here to help you on your journey toward living a healthier and more comfortable life.

California has always been a prominent leader in the green movement and living eco-friendly lifestyles. Pungent Greens is a small business with ethically and sustainably sourced products that you can be proud to support. We stand by the quality of the CBD cannabis products we deliver in California, and will always offer full refunds if our CBD ends up not working out for you after 30 days. Your health and wellness is our top priority.

We also deliver CBD products to Texas, Oregon, and across the U.S.

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